8x10 Print - Cross

8x10 Print - Cross

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This 8x10 Photo Print of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ has no text.

From the artist:

I've never been able to bear the torture of my Jesus; so I've spent my life focusing on His triumph over death--the resurrection.  However, in order to portray all the scenes of the Holy Week, I had to do it.  I sobbed as I placed the stick rocks that made the crosses, and then found the body to depict Christ.  My hands shook as I put that Jesus rock on the cross.  But if I was going to do it at all, I had to do it all, so I looked for a crown of thorns.  How can a rock look like a crown of thorns?  I explain in the video below and at: https://youtu.be/Q7w9VlO1iyo 

The print comes with a acid free backing board, and is placed in a clear plastic protective wrap.

All rocks were hand picked in the wilderness by the artist, Patti, and none we modified in any way, (except soaked and brushed clean).

This rock sculpture is also found in the book, He is Risen - Rocks Tell The Story of Easter, by Patti Rokus.

Patti talks about the creation of this rock sculpture, The Cross:

The rocks coming together to depict the atonement of Jesus Christ:

Keywords: Via Dolorosa,