8x10 Print - Resurrection - "Jesus came back to life!"

8x10 Print - Resurrection - "Jesus came back to life!"

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This 8x10 Photo Print has the text: "Jesus came back to life!  John 11:25"

From the artist:  "He did it!  He really did it.  We will all live again because Jesus conquered death.  And now the path is open to live with Him in great glory.  When I first showed this piece, some felt it was not reverent enough.  But if we are to be like little children, then this is how I see the celebration, joy, and triumph!  Ask a child why Jesus came back to life.  They are such good teachers!  Below is a video of the rocks coming together to depict the greatest gift ever given.

The print comes with a acid free backing board, and is placed in a clear plastic protective wrap.

All rocks were hand picked in the wilderness by the artist, Patti, and none we modified in any way, (except soaked and brushed clean).

This rock sculpture is also found in the book, He is Risen - Rocks Tell The Story of Easter, by Patti Rokus, published 2019, by Zondervan (Harper Collins).

Keywords: Tomb, Stone rolled away, Easter