Brand Your Cause

Watch your audience light up when...

...they see your brand name, logo or purpose emerge in rocks and pebbles.  And, since we are inexplicably attracted to rocks, (pocketing a few every once in a while,) many of your customers will recreate the rock art you send out to them.  Hashtags and contests are only a few examples of how to extend your rock art campaign to activities that will grow and endear your fan base.
Contact Patti directly for examples.

Watch the mountain climber turn into the brand name.

Find the surprise in the last 10 seconds.


Consider leveraging these approaches to magnify your rock art campaigns:

  1. Social Media is an obvious target.   Memes, and Stop Motion Video are mesmerizing.
  2. #HashTag your campaign to capture the participation of your audience as they try their hand at creating their own rock art.
  3. Contests.  Let your audience impress you with their engagement.  Patti has lots of ideas and suggestions for how to run the contests and possible economical prizes, including signed prints of rock art.
  4. Merchandizing images of the rock art you commission can go a lot of different ways - from Christmas cards to hand bags to hang tags.
  5. Events: Invite Patti to demonstrate her rock art, and let all participants join in with real rocks.
  6. Trade Shows:  Meet the Artist, demos, displays, DIY all bring attention and interest to your presence at your tradeshows and events.
  7. Speaking: Patti can join your convention or meetings, adding the wisdom and play of the rocks to your brand's rock art campaign.
  8. Patti can post your brand art to her fan base, increasing your brand awareness.
  9. Consultations - Patti helps brands get clear on purpose (why), audience connection, and how best to use rock art to further core messages. 
  10. Original rock art commissions for display.
  11. Own the physical rocks and the copyright for further expansion.
Patti Rokus
(801) 518-9855