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—Patti Rokus

Join children and families everywhere in telling bible stories with your own rocks & pebbles. 


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How we can inspire your audience together

Captivate your audience with a new look at Easter, in rocks! Together we can open up a new world of play, meaning, and connection for individuals and families. I would be honored to join you in an episode of your show to inspire and encourage your fans.  Here’s a 2-minute taste of what I do with common rocks as they come together to tell the story of Jesus:  
And no, I don't modify any of the rocks I find.  "No rocks were harmed in the making of this art." ;)

Easter in Rocks, “The stones cry out,” Luke 19:40.

Patti Rokus shows families how to make the Easter season meaningful with their own backyard rocks.

Experience a refreshingly new way to feel the power of Easter as rocks and pebbles tell the story of the Holy Week in artistic simplicity. Children and families everywhere are recreating the scenes of the life of Jesus Christ with their own rocks as Patti Rokus demonstrates how to do your own rock art, while we rediscover the most meaningful story ever told.  Her internationally published rock art books and viral videos are opening the doors to Christianity with the simple, childlike wonder only rocks can inspire. Jesus said, “the stones will cry out,” Luke 19:40.  See how they do it in her just-released coffee-table art book, “He Is Risen - Rocks Tell the Story of Easter.”  And invite Patti Rokus to join you in a riveting discussion and playful demonstration with rocks.  Give families a bonding activity of their own as all ages can share their own perspectives on God through their own rock art and learn from each other.  Congregations are creating “Rock Art Days” making the celebrations of our Savior interactive!  Even the Rocks Testify of Jesus. More at

Sample Interview Questions

Sound like a pro, even if you haven't seen her books yet.

  1. Why rocks? How did you get the idea for putting rocks together into pictures where rocks tell stories?
  2. Why this story?
  3. Why write for children and families?
  4. Do the rocks have a message beyond children?
  5. How have you seen God help you create the rock art?
  6. How have these books impacted adults?
  7. Why are rocks compelling to all age groups and even non-Christians?
  8. How can this art be used to share the Good News?
  9. The scriptures are full of references to rocks. What ones inspire your work?
  10. How can families use rocks and the stories of Jesus to grow closer together and to God?
  11. What good do you hope will come from the books?
  12. Will you show us what to look for when rock hunting, and how to put rocks together? 

    Bio:  Patti Rokus

    PATTI ROKUS, is Empowering Children of all ages.  Through her artwork, speaking, and coaching, she helps grandparents, parents and teachers open the world of nature to children as a way of connecting to God, and discovering their own innate value.  Patti struggled finding her own worth.  As a child she suffered from persistent nightmares, deep insecurities, and terror that drove her to isolation and perfectionism.  Today, a transformed woman, Patti invests her time helping others discover who they really are – infinitely valuable and creative souls on a mission to step into their greatness as children of God.

     As a recovering corporate product manager with Nike, Microsoft, and others, Patti knows what it’s like to feel too busy to prioritize what matters most.  So, she left it all to release her inner artist and find ways to share her love for nature and the Creator.  Today, known as the “rock lady,” she can’t stop picking up rocks on her hikes throughout the Pacific Northwest, because they tell stories, which can be seen in her internationally published books and viral videos at Children and adults all over the world are recreating her art with stones and pebbles of their own – deepening their connection to God and finding peace in our busy world.

    Her presentations are filled with common rocks doing uncommon things, tips on how and why to do your own rock art with loved ones, and personal stories of God’s hand in her own healing journey. She is also a singer/songwriter, a Christian, and a teacher of self-discovery; committed to helping us reconnect to our source and find greater contentment. 

    How did Patti get started with rocks?  Patti says whenever she finds a heart-shaped rock, she's sure it's a love note from God.  But when all kinds of rock shapes also became irresistible, she gathered a bucket full on a solo camping trip in Montana.  Later, when she spilled them out and pushed them around, she discovered the entire nativity story told by those same rocks.  Those pictures turned into national book deal—“A Savior is Born.”  A second book emerged of rocks telling the story of the last week of the mortal life of Jesus—“He is Risen.”  Both books and related viral videos can be found on her website, and at bookstores everywhere. Each page is frame-able but also powerfully serve as teaching tools for learning the bible stories of Jesus, and the Good News.  these coffee-table books have gorgeous embossed covers of sparkling foil and spot gloss that virtually shouts, "Open and savor the Word of God in pictures as you’ve never seen it told before. These collector's books are the first in a series on the Life of Jesus.

    Patti explains the deeper “why” for the rocks, and her passion for sharing them,

    “I went on a serious quest to find out why there is so much personal suffering and how to heal it—especially anxiety, depression, PTSD, Bi-Polar, disconnection, isolation, etc…I went deep, layer after layer, book after book, and healing modality after healing modality. At the core of it all, I found the surprising answer, the source of all dis-ease—disconnection.  Pain can convince us to depart from who we really are, and then we become disconnected from ourselves and from God.  All effective healing methods help us shed false beliefs about our self that keep us disconnected and helps us return us to love. The best methods reconnect us to God, the source of all healing."

    Media Experience

    I commit to making you shine and your audience my focus as you'll hear in these interview episodes I did with podcasters and magazines:

    HelpingOfHappiness Podcast Interview (Patti's favorite)

    iTunes #1 kids & family podcastReading with Your Kids Podcast (non-religious focus on rock art)

    Meridian Magazine (Patti's written personal story)

    Niccie Kliegle Podcast (start at minute 14)

    Publishers Weekly Magazine Review

    The Banner Magazine Review

    Carla Gull Natural Easter Podcast (last half has book review)

    Instagram Mom @cardboardschoolhouse

    I'm deeply honored by your interest for an interview. I’m comfortable on camera and with a mic, as I’ve been on stage my entire career from corporate trainings to music performances.  When I’m doing our interview, I’m committed to making you the hero and your audience the focus. I’m here to serve you, not the other way around. I know if I do my job well your audience will feel valued and interested in these topics:

    • How playing with rocks can bring us much needed peace, and closer to God.
    • How to create stronger relationships and meaningful play with rocks.
    • How playing with rocks can create the peaceful quiet that invites the Holy Spirit to heal us, and teach us about our divine identity as children of God.
    • How God is in the details of our lives, and cares about us deeply.
    • How to easily inspire an interest in God and have meaningful conversations with children as well as adults.
    • And much more.

    I’ve created this online media room to make your job easier. If you need anything else, please email me: and I'll jump on it right away!

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    Some of my previous activities have included creating book trailers, shooting videos, developing media kits, podcast tours, blog tours,  launch parties, webinars, and radio/TV interviews.



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      Why do rocks matter? The Deeper Meaning

        Create Calm in Turbulent World

      Overwhelm and underwhelm are depressing us.  Our lives are over stimulated and under purposed.  We’re bombarded with constant engaging content, and yet we’re unsatisfied. Like cotton candy, it tastes good, but the huge ball of yumminess disintegrates into nothingness once we eat it.

      This lack of emotional, mental, and spiritual nourishment has consequences.  We see the effect in the increased anxiety, depression, self-harm, rebellion, and illness all around us.  There is a remedy.  The more we can quiet our minds, reduce the constant noise, limit the shallow connections to others, and connect with our hearts and with God, the more we find peace and contentment. And once we find that connection, we will desire to love and find ways to give of ourselves.  Authentic connection to God, ourselves and others is what we all hunger for.  A life of constant motion and noise will not get us there.

      Nature and her gifts, such as rocks, can be a catalyst for us to find wholeness again.   Rocks can be a way to deepen our connection to God and to ourselves.

      Patti Rokus offers a simple way to play, relax, and reconnect to ourselves and to God. Finding, organizing and creating with common rocks and pebbles is a calming activity that opens space in our hearts for God to enter and fill us with love.