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"How this artist finds everyday rocks that literally convey emotions and portray scriptures, is beyond me. This is a cross-generational book that grandparents can read to their grands, parents to their kids and yet is beautiful enough to be a coffee table showpiece. 

Ronna Snyder, Author, Mother

This book has captured my heart! ❤️ It is creative and expresses the simplicity and grandeur of nature.
Rocks really can tell a story in a beautiful way!

Cynthia Powell, Grandmother

"I find it hard to believe that something so primitive can bring one to tears. I am mesmerized. I cannot wait to share these moments, reading, rock combing & creating, with my grandchildren, nieces, and nephews and look forward to an art that will be carried forward throughout our many generations!"

Jessica Edouard, Artist

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Publishers Weekly Review

"Following A Savior Is Born: Rocks Tell the Story of Christmas, Rokus offers a visual narrative of Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection through artful arrangements of stones, with scripture verses appearing throughout. The figure of Jesus is crafted with a round, stone head, and shapely rocks form his sweeping robe: “Jesus came to earth to bring healing and joy to all who follow Him, and to lead us home to God.” Rokus represents “people who wanted to kill Him” as sinister stone faces with angry, slanted eyebrows and open mouths. Other scenes depict Jesus riding a stone donkey, washing the disciples’ feet, on the cross, and his resurrection: “After three days, Jesus came back to life! We will all live again because He conquered death.” An inventive and moving telling of the Easter story." (February 5, 2019)

3 Books

Father and daughter read the new Christmas book together, A Savior is Born, Rocks Tell the Story of Christmas by Patti Rokus