Videos by Patti:

Stop Motion (rockmation), DIY (How toMake Your Own Rock Art), and Patti's stories of what the art means to her.  More videos are found on Patti's YouTube Channel, and is updated regularly.   Please subscribe on Youtube to be notified when new ones come out!

Patti also makes custom rock art and stopmotion videos for brands, movements and causes.

Sending Love (1 Min):

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Family Love (rockmation) 1 Min:

Mother Tribute (rockmation) 2 min:

DIY Nativity (3 min)

Christmas book art with a New Christmas Song - Little Baby Jesus, by Patti Rokus (5 min):

He is Risen: Garden, Cross, Tomb (4 Min Book Trailer):


Teachers:  See the Playlist of all the 2 minute Holy Week, Easter and Ascension videos on YouTube.

The Last Supper (3 Min):

Palm Sunday + mean leaders (3 Min):


Why Easter? Why Jesus? (2 Min)

Patti Talks about Heart Rocks (4 min)

The Resurrection - the Answer to Death (2 min)

A Tour of Patti's Rock Art Studio (4 min)

Patti Talks about Creating the Cross (8 min)

the Hand of God - rockmation (3 min)

Building a Nativity (45 sec):

Building the Book, A Savior is Born (6 min):

My story with Dad (rockmation) 2 Min

That's Patti and her Dad singing together years ago.  She made this video for him for Father's day.

Make Your Own Rock Angels, DIY Guide (2 min)

Instruction on Making Angels (8 Min):

More DIY Guides and Instructional Videos Here!

DIY Making Expecting Couple (4 Min):

1 min demo:

Nativity Instructions (21 min)

Creating a Young Family (5 min)

The very first video 2016 (2 min)

in 2016 I pushed around some Montana rocks until the story of Christmas emerged. This little book sold out at 1400 copies. In 2018, Harper Collins published a beautiful large hardbound version for Christmas 2018! And in 2019 Zondervan (Harper Collins Christian) published the Easter rock book, He is Rise - Rocks Tell The Story of Easter.