General Conference Rock Art Activity

Make General Conference (or any inspired online meeting) fun and meaningful with rocks and pebbles.

Here's What You'll Find Below:

1. Rock Art Activity Printable (Click here if you don't already have it.)

2. Rock Art Video Lesson - 17 min.

3. Family Home Evening 10-Minute Video Lesson

1. The Free Rock Art Activity Printable

Click here for the free printable, then come back to this page to watch the videos.

2. Rock Art Instructions for Using the Printable

Let the kids watch this! 17 min.

3. Family Home Evening Lesson to Prepare for General Conference

(A big thanks to Melia Rios-Lazo of for creating this great FHE lesson.  Let's all get in the frame of mind and heart for feeling God's love as we watch General Conference.)

Are you looking for a Family Home Evening Lesson to help your children understand why General Conference is so important? We have partnered with Patti Rokus from Rocks Tell Stories to create an easy FHE video to prepare your kids for General Conference and an activity to do during General Conference with Rocks. This video and printable was inspired by President Nelson's #HearHim invitation. 


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