Blog of Patti Rokus

  • Lapbooks for the Holy Week Events & Easter with Rocks

    Your kids will love using these Holy Week and Easter Lapbooks to help them learn and remember what happened on Easter morning, and why we love Jesus Christ--our Savior and Redeemer.

  • Easter Activities

    Make Easter Easy, Fun, AND Meaningful with these 7 activities to choose from.  Books, Videos, Easter Egg Hunt, Lapbooks, Prints, and more.

  • Make Bugs & Frogs with Rocks!

    Get your free rock art activity printable for the CFM lesson on the Plagues of Egypt.  This goes with the youtube art lesson from "Gospel for Kids" and Patti Rokus Rocks Tell Stories Youtube channels.
  • Joseph of Egypt Printable Activity - Rock Art

    Teach the Bible Story - Joseph of Egypt with a free activity printable for fun rock art, with an instruction video, and a video of Patti telling the story.
  • General Conference Rock Art Activity

    Make any online inspired meeting fun and meaningful with rocks and pebbles.  Get your free printable to capture what God is saying to you as you listen for his love and direction.  Video instruction included.
  • Friend to Friend Free eBook Rock Art (2021)

    Friend to Friend free eBook rock art activity (2021)
  • Song-Little Baby Jesus-to go with the Nativity Rock Art

    My Christmas Gift to you: Song and Music. Download the song, and accompaniment trackso you and the kids can sing it, Watch the music video, Print the sheet music, see lyrics, and anything else you want if you ask. Written and sung by Patti Rokus © 2018. Download Song with Patti Singing it.Download Song minus
  • Recognizing God’s Love

    Instilling in our children the experience of feeling and recognizing God’s love is one of the most important gifts we give them, especially for difficult times they will inevitably face. I have a mother who taught me as a young child to look for God in His creations; to listen for God by feeling the subtle impressions of the Holy Spirit, and to rest in God in stillness.  She made all the difference in how I would experience my entire life.
  • Win a Free Valentine’s Rock Art Print AND the new Book about God’s love!

    Patti’s first viral video (1 min), a new rock book, and a giveaway for Valentine's day!