Make Bugs & Frogs with Rocks!

Plagues of Egypt Rock Art Activity Printable

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Are you teaching the Bible story about the 10 Plagues of Egypt--Pharaoh vs God through Moses?  

Thanks for watching the brand new rock art videos on the Gospel for Kids channel on how to make the bugs & frogs of the Plagues of Egypt.  We learned that God has power over all things!  

This is the first of a series of Old Testament art project videos I created  with the Gospel for Kids Youtube channel! Gather the family, friends or class and let the lessons of the plagues sink in that God is all powerful, and He saves those who love and follow Him:

  1. Download this free printable and make copies.
  2. Watch the Gospel for Kids video of Patti teaching how to do the rock art, and sharing the Bible story. (see below for the video)
  3. Go rock hunting for round rocks and long rocks.  (see below for the "Tips" video)
  4. Make some frogs and bugs with the printable while you talk about how powerful God is.
  5. Trying making your own bugs and frogs on a blank sheet of paper!
  6. Let me see your art.  #BibleStoriesRock or #PattiRokus. Or Email me at and I might post it on my Facebook Page:  Patti Rokus Artist; or on my Youtube Channel, Patti Rokus.  (please subscribe). 

If you're looking for the Come Follow Me lesson for the kids, see:  Primary Manual Exodus 7-13, March 28-April 3, 2022

Rock Art Videos on Gospel for Kids Youtube Channel:

🐞  How to Make Bugs and Frogs with Rock Art

🐞  Tips for Making Rock Art:

Melia's Kids Doing the Printable & Teaching the Lesson!

You've probably seen Melia's prolific resources for families to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Watch her kids tackle the rock art and learn about the Plagues.  Get resources from Melia at 

Animated Short Film on The Plagues

Creating for the Kids Channel 

Creating these videos with the "Gospel for Kids" Youtube channel team was a blast.  They filming guys were dreamy!  So professional, knowledgable, and best of all, KIND!  My little studio was overrun with their filming equipment.  It was pretty exciting!

Let me know if you'd like to see and hear more about this cool experience!

Patti's Studio when filming rock art episodes for Gospel for Kids youtube channel 

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