Easter Activities

Make Easter Easy, Fun, AND Meaningful!

  1. Book - He Is Risen - Rocks Tell the Story of Easter (reprinted and in stock at Amazon)
  2. Share Easter Video - Let the Rocks testify of Jesus.
  3. Easter Eggs with Holy Week Videos!  (Free QR Code strips to put inside plastic eggs)
  4. Resurrection Lapbook & Rock Art Tutorial (only $2.99)
  5. All 8 Lapbooks and Rock Art Tutorials for all the Holy Week Events. (only $9.99)
  6. Wall Art of Easter Events in Rocks on my Etsy store
  7. Patti Reads the Easter Story to Children - Video.

 1. Easter Book - He Is Risen - Rocks Tell the Story of Easter


A beautiful gift for adults, teens and children!  This coffee-table book invites conversation about the true meaning of Easter in a simple way that anyone can enjoy - seeing the most important story in the world, in a new and fresh way--through humble rocks and pebbles. 

We Reprinted the Popular  "HE IS RISEN" Books! (Click HERE to buy on AMAZON)

2. Let the rocks testify of Jesus - Share this 4 min. Video

The rocks in the book, HE IS RISEN, come alive to tell the story themselves! Plus, you get to see all the art in the book. This is such a easy way to share the Good News with everyone!

or this 90 sec video:  TURN UP THE VOLUME. 

3. Easter Eggs with Holy Week Videos!  (FREE Printable of QR Code strips to put inside plastic eggs)

Want a no-cost, super fun and meaningful early Easter Egg Hunt? Or just easy activities for each event of the Holy Week? I partnered with genius, family-fun-blogger, Melia, to create an easy way for you to bring our Savior into the Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Baskets, and easy daily devotionals for Holy Week.

Print these strips, and put in the plastic eggs…The instruction video is on the printable!

Each video is very short, so it's a quick before or after school activity to bring in the love of God into your home this special season.  For Example, here's 45 seconds for Palm Sunday: https://youtu.be/hSf3fy0CspM

CLICK HERE for Printable. 

CLICK HERE for FREE Printable.

Lapbooks Blog - Get all the info Here

4. Resurrection Lapbook & Rock Art Tutorial (only $2.99)

CLICK HERE to purchase our Downloadable Easter Resurrection Lapbook ONLY; or to purchase the entire bundle of 8 digital Lapbook Lessons, CLICK HERE Thanks for supporting us so we can make more meaningful fun for children!

 Never heard of LAPBOOKS before?  Me Neither!

They are so neat!  Melia taught me about them when she made these to go with the rock art tutorials.  You simple take a standard file folder, and fold it as directed, and it becomes the lapbook!  Add the cutouts from the printable, and you've got a really special activity for the kids to learn more about our Savior, AND do the rock art tutorials with me online!

Try it out with the Easter Resurrection Lapbook for just $2.99.  And if you want the kids to learn about each of the major events of the Holy Week, get all 8 for just a single price of $10.  

Melial explains how it comes together in this video:


5. All 8 Lapbooks and Tutorials for all the Holy Week Events. (only $10)

Celebrate Easter this year with the whole family and learn how to make the resurrection scene with rocks and then use this learning lapbook to help the kids remember what they learned about Easter Sunday!

CLICK HERE to purchase the entire bundle of 8 Lapbook Lessons for only $10!  They usually sell for $5 each, so, you're saving $30!  And you can using the printable for all the kids at home--everyone getting their own for the price of one! 

6. Wall Art of Easter Events in Rocks on my Etsy store

    Many people have asked for rock art scenes from the He Is Risen book as prints for their homes and classes.  I have offered the high resolution print files (up to 16x20; although many just use it for 8x10) on my ETSY STORE.  Gethsemane is my personal favorite, and the central image for the Book.   


     Patti's Etsy Store:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/RocksTellStories

    7. Patti Reading the Easter Story to Children


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